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Constituency and Tally Tags

In 2011 a list of tags for constituencies being contested in the general election was developed and used widely by political parties, activists and media on twitter and elsewhere.  It was generally a very successful way of using ‘shorthand’ for covering and following the election online given the 40+ mini elections that make up an Irish General Election.  If you see them often enough they tend to sink in and were a good way for keeping up with the tallies, counts, evening canvasses and dramas that arose along the way.

In preparation for the next general election I have updated the list of #tallytags.  We have several new constituencies both by title and region covered thanks to the changes brought in by the Constituency Commission Report of 2012 and we have lost a few with the introduction of 5 seaters in Donegal #dl and Kerry #ky and Tipperary #tipp to name a few.  Let me say now that I think the commission report and decisions was bonkers… some of it anyway.

But there’s nothing I can do with except work with the material I am given!  As the selection conventions conclude and pre election fever develops (ok that’s stretching it!) it is time to release these into the wild and get them used!

The tags below are based on the following simple ‘rules’ I and others have used in previous elections (yes the next election will NOT be the first social media/internet election!)

They should be five characters or less, they should be instantly recognisable alone and/or with the additional tag #ge16 or #ge15!  Car regs, local acronyms and other shorthand all lend to the development. They should not be likely to be used for other events where possible.  And they should be shown to a few others who know a bit about these things and not frighten the horses – so thanks to those who have looked at these and made suggestions.

Use them if you want to or don’t… But if you insist on making up your own make sure others will find you!


Carlow–Kilkenny #cwkk
Cavan–Monaghan #cnmn
Clare #clare
Cork East #cke
Cork North–Central #cknc
Cork North–West #cknw
Cork South–Central #cksc
Cork South–West #cksw
Donegal #dl
Dublin Bay North #dubbn
Dublin Bay South #dubbs
Dublin Central #dubc
Dublin Fingal #dubfl
Dublin Mid–West #dubmw
Dublin North–West #dubnw
Dublin Rathdown #dubrd
Dublin South–Central #dubsc
Dublin South–West #dubsw
Dublin West #dubw
Dún Laoghaire #dunl
Galway East #gye
Galway West #gyw
Kerry #ky
Kildare North #ken
Kildare South #kes
Laois #laois
Limerick City #lkcy
Limerick County #lkco
Longford–Westmeath #ldwh
Louth #louth
Mayo #mayo
Meath East #mhe
Meath West #mhw
Offaly #Off
Roscommon–Galway #rsgal
Sligo–Leitrim #solm
Tipperary #tipp
Waterford #wd
Wexford #wx
Wicklow #wk




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  • Jan Bosch

    #dubf is a much busier tag than #dubfl for Dublin Fingal

  • Maman Poulet

    Well I’ll be sticking to #dubfl – people will do what they want – these tags have been in development for months – discussed etc with others. I know there will be loads of other tags used but have been asked to develop a set and this is what came out of it.

  • Jan Bosch

    5 tags for #dubfl since the new year vs 7 tags for #dubf in the last day

  • Terry Rickard

    #off taking me to obscure places

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