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44 days to go

August 18th, 2009 · 8 Comments · Irish Politics, Lisbon

That’s right – 44 days to go to the Lisbon II referendum. In the meantime as well as this most important vote on the future of European political co-operation and it’s rules and regulations we’ll have an early return of the Dail and the Seanad,  NAMA, more reaction to An Bord Snip including a protest from  SIPTU community sector groupings at the end of September.

It’s fairly clear that this campaign is setting up to be a fairly politician free zone and politician won’t be sorry to save shoe leather (Pascal Donohue went through 3 pairs in the last bye-election) while they continue to try to save the country (yes that is what they are supposed to be doing I hear you say.)

No this does not mean that we will be spared Dick Roche, but the posters of politicians faces subliminally saying ‘trust me and elect me in the next election’ will not be around and I don’t think parties will be doing door to door either.  This is to be a citizen led operation.

Every day there’s a new yes grouping or campaign being launched. Yesterday it was Business for Europe, in the coming weeks it’ll be the Christians, Lawyers, Trade Unionists, and oh maybe even a few farmers.  No need for a Men for Europe Group – they’re everywhere already.

Women for Europe’s campaign material is not bad at all. The idea of talking with groups of women informally all over the country and un-spinning the rubbish from Coir and others about conscriptions and microchipping babies is a great idea and something that may work but there’s only 44 days.

*PS Business for Europe’s Website is not working is now up and running, Good morning IBEC.

What won’t work in Ireland is the celebrities – Bill Cullen, Packie Bonner and Eimear Quinn (ex Anuna/Eurovision winner in case you are going who?) does not a winning campaign make.  The no side – sorry I mean no sides because there were be many facets there – don’t do celebrities – except for Jim Corr and Mary Lou McDonald.

Local and national celebrities are being called by We Belong urging them to come out and fly the flag for a yes side because there won’t be politicians, bankers, priests and the like on the campaign trail.

And then there are the ‘We Belong’ t-shirts and photos of campaign staff wearing them.

Is this campaign about winning the referendum or about getting a job when it’s all over?

More in Know your Yes or No Lisbon Campaign Group to come in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile if anyone spots a Politician on a canvass let me know.  Bonus points for spotting Declan Ganley.

Also what directions have Party HQ’s given local organisations on when they can come out of hiding campaigning can begin?

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