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Blogging from the back row, the bus and the sitting room

October 10th, 2006 · 2 Comments · Blogging, Irish Media, Irish Politics, irishblogcon, irishelection2007, Social Media



Imagine the scene – live blogging the one day party conferences being held in the run up to the general election – or maybe the press conferences being held during the campaign itself.  Oh I see it now – all along the back row with our sponsored 3g or Vodafone wireless cards and screen covers proudly stating Blogging the Election with

Some of us could be blogging upon the leaders campaign/bluster bus snatching conversations with politicians and handlers, and watching the flesh being pressed. And behind the scenes other bloggers fact checking the manifestos, live blogging the leadership debates (playing shot games – ie. one shot for every time Bertie said ‘safe pair of hands with the economy’ that sort of thing.

And there might be those interviewing politicians on their blogs and writing a lot of analysis of the election issues from local, national and international perspectives that many other sources will neglect or will get lost in the rush.

Other bloggers are following candidates for a day around shopping centres, dart stations, and practicing the fine art of door knocking during Coronation Street.

That photo above is actually from last year’s Les Blogs – this years event is something I would really love to attend, must do lotto tomorrow night! – but the photo (or a bit of it) could also be from any of the set pieces to come in the next 9 months. Damien and Cian are thinking about what we can do to blog the election. Hopefully the ideas come to bear fruit and I know there are a lot of other bloggers who could be interested in and contribute to some of the ideas being tossed around at the moment.



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