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Cowen’s Nude Pictures – RTE reports removed

March 24th, 2009 · 35 Comments · Irish Politics, MSM

(See updates at end of post for latest on this saga..)

The nude pictures of Brian Cowen which appeared in the National Gallery over the weekend have been widely covered online. (Yes I know I can hear you groaning.)

From RTE Website

‘Mr Cowen’s Closeup – The painting, though well-hung, was quickly taken down’

Last nights RTE’s Nine O’Clock News reported on the story. Playing back the programme online it has been removed. According to the ‘coming up’ trailer from Eileen Dunne before the break for part 2 of the programme it is flagged as to be included. (About 13 minutes into the playback). 

The RTE website report includes a link to the film package but it no longer appears to be available to view.

It seems the Government Press Office is continuing it’s strong arm ‘be nicer to Brian’ tactics with RTE and the film package was removed from the second part of the programme uploaded to (as played back on by me this morning) and RTE’s website as a separate report.  This incident of press interference by Cowen’s handlers follows reports of pressure being put by RTE on Nob Nation creators to tone down the portrayal of Brian Cowen.

Update – Via Damien – the clip has been found!

Update 2: It’s becoming Picturegate and it’s not about who painted the picture. Fianna Fáil obviously were not happy with RTE’s website coverage. The captions under the photos were changed.

This is the page earlier today complete with ‘well hung’ caption as quoted above and there was a link to video report which did not work.

Then the caption was changed and link to the video removed.

Now the pictures have been removed altogether.

Update 3RTE issue an apology at the end of the Nine O’Clock News tonight.

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