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November 8th, 2011 · 31 Comments · Irish Politics

If last nights first part of Crisis – Inside the Cowen Government was not bad enough for you with the former ministers sticking the knife into Cowen whilst running away from their part in the whole sorry escapade I came across the following from Ogra FF.

Ogra had their national conference in Cork last weekend. And as night follows day there are videos of the conference – well the elections. These two young buckos got elected to a committee. A committee, not a job, not a public office. Shoulder hoisting, back slapping and wild shouting is of course a must.

First up Eoin Scully, elected National Membership Director. Sniff.

And then Ger Fogarty who was elected Policy and Campaigns Director.

And then there was the sing song. Name that tune in…

FF Nua eh?



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