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Hello Rock the Vote! Welcome to the Party!

May 15th, 2008 · 11 Comments · More Money than sense, Rock the Vote

When one is organising a campaign there’s polite lateness and then there’s Rock the Vote downright tardiness. Yup less than a month to Lisbon Treaty D-Day and John tell’s us that Rock the Vote are relaunching for the referendum. And yes Cian was right, there was some rejoicing tonight, Lisbon was looking a little barren on the blogging the referendum front – but rejoice is right as you might remember RtV got it’s own category on Maman Poulet last year.

Cue more celebs not entitled to vote here making daft youtubes explaining absolutely nothing about the issues and treating the electorate like morons. While doing the customary ‘we’re on our way, just buttoning up our jeans’ holding post it might help lads if you took down the youtube of Katie French from last years campaign. But RtV and tact were never good company.

PS. The holding page says ‘Rock the Vote is back by popular demand and we want you to get up and vote in the The Lisbon Treaty Referendum.’ Did I miss the facebook group or bebo page calling for their reformation?

However now more than ever we’ll need to know where the money is coming from – this is a referendum and a bit of clarity, openness and transparency will be needed. Maybe the Referendum Commission were duped into thinking there was a popular demand for this sort of thing or is this a front for a section of the No campaign who also seemed to have more money than sense?



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