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Last shower we did not come down in

May 29th, 2008 · 5 Comments · dodgy solicitors, Michael Lynn

Brid Murphy (or Lynn) depending where you read it, settled her case yesterday against ACC bank. If she is very lucky (and hey the dice are rolling her way so far!) she’ll end up with €450,000 if another bank don’t get there first. Even the judge yesterday seemed to step up to the gaming pit in her favour and urge Bank of Scotland Ireland) to settle with her also.

Her marriage remains intact she told the court, but she says she was duped by her former solicitor but very much current husband and the bank should have done his homework. And for her own preparatory exercises? What did Brid Murphy do when she was not signing the paperwork to buy Glenlion with Michael?

Martina Devlin has some tough words on the matter of the Lynn marriage and conjugal rights in today’s Independent.

Following the settlement of the case where to now for another solicitor who worked for Michael Lynn? Court proceedings against Fiona McAleenan continue but she made allegations of fraud in Brid Murphy’s case and they don’t just concern Michael Lynn but also others in Capel Law/Kendar etc.

In proceedings being taken against other clients of Michaell Lynn, Permanent TSB

‘claims that she, acting in her capacity as Mr Mulkearns’ solicitor, had failed to honour undertakings that she would not negotiate the loan cheque unless Mr Mulkearns had good marketable title to the property and had executed a charge over it in favour of the bank. It claims Mr Lynn is vicariously liable for the alleged acts and omissions of Ms McAleenan and it is seeking compensation and damages from both Ms McAleenan and Mr Lynn’

In the case against Brid Murphy the banks did not contest her evidence that her name was attached afterwards to documents and that she did not sign the loan applications and acceptances in the presence of a solicitor. Maybe Ms McAleenan is helped by this acceptance in her battle to clear her name. There are other names that could be thrown into the melting pot here in the operation of the deception that seems to have taken place – I’m not sure why we have not heard much about them yet.

While the soap opera in the High Court makes for good copy in the Indo it’s not getting any of the banks their €80 million or helping the home owners (or people who though they were home owners) that Michael Lynn duped. Sunny there in Portugal Michael? How are the sardines? Where is Brid meeting you this weekend?



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