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Mary Harney tries to hide another crappy cut that costs buttons

November 5th, 2008 · 6 Comments · Irish Politics

Yesterday afternoon Mary Harney released this from the Department of Health. I heard something during my pre-election nap and knew I was not dreaming. This was a perfect day for dumping bad news but this is news can’t just be dumped.

The campaign to vaccinate young woman against HPV was not without it’s flaws as I noted on it’s release. The halfhearted announcement of the scheme said it all really about the intent of the government. The scheme would have saved dozens of lives each year when implemented. And it’s about time. Coupled with the eventual roll out of a national cervical screening plan myself and many others were more than in agreement that it was about time that this area of women’s health was dealt with.

The recession excuse is being used to cut the smallest programmes that make sizeable impacts and now the lives of women are again being put at risk. Shame on Mary Harney – the author of the shambolic medical card cut on older people has obviously decided to transfer her ire elsewhere. And shame on her and her department for announcing this decision when we’re busy looking elsewhere at democracy in action and an inclusive politic that she could only dream about – not that she would want inclusion anyway. Inequality is a natural attribute of society according to her successor and she doesn’t seem to disagree with him.

What’s next for the scrap heap? Breastcheck? Or the cervical screening service itself?

Redmum, Sinead and World By Storm add far more to this and are essential reading. Mary Harney and the HSE should not be allowed to get away with this cowardice and yes Sinead – HPV should now stand for Harney Pulls Vaccine.

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