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Some things are best left alone

February 23rd, 2011 · 18 Comments · Elections, General Election 2011, Irish Politics, LGBT, Marriage Equality, Same Sex Partnerships

So Lucinda Creighton does not believe in same-sex marriage. Neither do I.  But I wouldn’t stop anyone from doing it and would passionately support people’s right to marry if they wished to.

However I won’t engage in trying to change the mind of someone who is against it or engage in vilifying her.  It’s not worth the hassle.  Neither is it worth making someone a martyr.

I think Lucinda Creighton should be left alone and that those living in Dublin South East who are concerned should vote for someone else who they agree with and agrees with them.  (This issue would not be the only thing worrying me about supporting her  if I lived in Dublin South East by the way; anti choice, anti secularisation etc. )

It’s not only Lucinda Creighton who feels that marriage is only for straight people who can make babies. Fine Gael have since 2005 believed that marriage is not for gays and many in the party would not support children having rights to their non biological parents and vice versa.  It must be acknowledged that several members of the party spoke in favour of the issue of children’s rights during the debates on the Civil Partnership legislation.  But the issue is not in the manifesto and Enda Kenny has spoken twice on the matter during the campaign and said that it is not party policy to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples.   No matter how much Fine Gael say Lucinda is on her own they actually generally agree with her!

So if this is a hot button issue for you then this is about who you vote for on Friday and not about attacking a candidate for her views.  Because she’s not going to change her mind.  And change is about using your head to vote and get others to vote rather than wasting your time making a candidate look like a martyr because she’s probably enjoying it.



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