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The Moving Thing

August 10th, 2007 · No Comments · Disability, Uncategorized

‘Mind the lady in the ..[long pause]… moving thing’

That was the corker I heard said by a mother to her two children as I made my way up Talbot Street this afternoon. That was after negotiating the IFSC Luas construction works alongside someone I knew years ago and had met in M&S with her two year old. Two year old was absolutely fascinated with the mothership and it was great craic comparing ‘buggies’ and racing.

I’ve had the mobility scooter for about 4 months now. Years of being disabled suddenly made very visible overnight by 4 wheels and a seat. The walking stick I have used for over 10 years only was temporary to the able bodied. I’m loving my mobility, haven’t killed anyone yet and the punctures are a thing of the past as I got hard tyres on and am coping with the sore neck and back as a result but it’ll get better. It is quicker for humans on two feet to move aside rather than me but I’m very polite and stop and wait and say it’s ok all the time when actually the eejits who look ahead but not down and who think that they own the footpath could’ve moved to the side and let me past.

If I’m feeling good about the mothership I’m not too sure about how I feel about the rest of society. This week in Supervalu pondering the deli a woman walked straight past me in Olympic gold medal winning for queue jumping fashion and ordered her sandwich. She had to move to the side to get through – it was not like I could have been avoided in the rush to the ham, coleslaw and red pepper sambo on white bread.

When she had the item in her hand she turned around and saw me and said ‘oh sorry I didn’t see you there’. I decided that was enough and replied ‘That’s alright, I’m well used to people walking by me, ignoring me, and treating me like I’m invisible.’ I moved up to the counter and ordered and didn’t wait for a response – there wasn’t one! The scooter is not something one can easily ignore – and now neither is it’s occupant.



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