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Where is Michael anyway?

January 18th, 2008 · 5 Comments · Michael Lynn

Ah dear reader I know it pains you but there may be method in my madness – read carefully.

Next Monday Gardai are expected to appear before the President of the High Court, Mr. Justice Richard Johnson, to explain what steps they have taken to locate troubled solicitor Michael Lynn. The last time anyone saw him was in Newark Airport last weekend where he said he was over on a short trip, probably collecting some money. Was his wife with him? Brid Murphy told the Gardai late last year that the last time she saw him was in London in the offices of Merriman White. And of course she is suing him (no marital difficulties) and a bank for the proceeds of Glenlion and other banks for negligence in providing mortgages.

So on Monday next then we probably won’t hear anything from An Garda Sioch├ína’s investigations of her frequent visits to see him because they haven’t happened or about the apartment he may have rented in Westminster in London or the brief trip that they may have taken over the holidays to visit Portugal. Ah no probably not. Storm in a baby grand I suppose. I don’t know if anyone is looking for Michael’s Range Rover either – that has not been seen in a while along with the Hippo. It could be clocking up congestion charges for all we know?

I’m wondering again if anyone is actually looking for Michael – the Gardai, The Banks? Anyone? Charlie Bird maybe?? There seem to be a lot of people looking for his money alright…but the man himself? I’d say the Law Society hope the ground swallows him up somewhere, and the Banks just want to get their cash and run. All thoughts and information are of course welcome as always.

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