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The blog has won Best News and Current Affairs Blog in the Irish Blog Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and won overall Best Irish Blog in 2009. In 2011 Suzy won Blogger/Website of the Year in the National Lesbian and Gay Federation GALAS Awards.

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  • ainelivia

    did a Google on my mother’s family name to see what it threw up, and lo and behold found your post o 11th May 2008. Brendan McGahon is a cousin of mine. I live in London and haven’t had a lot of contact, and also he’s a lot older than me, so i know little of his political views. But I am suprised and not suprised. I am aware of at least three of people in my mother’s family, past generations and current who are gay. Of course, it was rarely spoken of. But I would have imagined that people had moved into the 21st century and am suprised to read this.

  • Pageturners

    It’s a good blog, but I’m a little wary of political views that are posted anonymously. Who are you?

  • Maman Poulet

    My name is up there on this page – this is far from an anonymous blog or blogger! What more do you want to know Ms PageTurner?

  • Laura Daly

    @pageturners … never knew you had to provide DNA in order to blog…

  • Roweena Russell

    Hello there M.P.
    Just wanted to say WELL DONE AGAIN THIS YEAR!
    Another win in the Blog awards. you total star!

    Smile away to your self knowing that you are wonderful!

  • Andy

    Dont you write anything about the left MP? Its interesting how much of the writing focuses on FF and FG. Labour are there, but they are a very centre party which attracts a swing vote. With all due respect, is there no mention of Sinn Fein, the United Left Alliance or other left parties such as the SWP and the workers party? I am not trying to be pushy but this was voted Ireland’s best political blog and looks a little one sided-at first look, at least. I mean there seems to be more on Libertas, a non-existent former right wing pressure group and declan ganley, than the whole of the left wing of Irish politics. All I will say is, when you read independents and others in the daily broadsheets polls, I hope all of you realize that is newspeak for left so as not to mention our side of the fence. Please tell me the country’s ‘best’ blog on current affairs is not as one sided as the times, the independent and so on. Might I add the next dail will be the first ever with a coherent left opposition, so I would urge any media outlet, not just your own, to report on all 3 sides of irish politics.

    Kind regards,

    Andy P.

  • Maman Poulet

    Andy I am confused. Do you actually read my blog and are you critical of me for not criticising the Left or bigging them up enough? And since when (If I don’t write about the left or progressive politics in ireland enough which I would argue is not true) did my blog – which is my space can I remind you- have to be fair and balanced? Happy New Year and I am glad to see there are other people as sad as me reading blogs at 1.35 am on new years day!

  • Maman Poulet

    Psst have you readsome of the blogging comrades in the Cedars?

  • tanya sheehy

    well done suzanne i seen you on frontline last night its been 25 years very proud of you and what you have achieved your old school pal tanya

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