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A state with 557* citizens does not need an Irish Embassy

February 2nd, 2012 · 6 Comments · Irish Politics

As of December 31st 2005, there were 557, persons having the Vatican citizenship, of which 58 Cardinals, 293 of the Clergy having status as members of the Pontifical Representations, 62 other members of the Clergy, 101 members of the Pontifical Swiss Guard and 43 other lay persons.

The persons authorized to reside in the Vatican City maintaining their original citizenship were 246, of the aforementioned numbers.

The persons residing in buildings outside of the Vatican City in buildings exempt from expropriation and taxation were 3,100 on the above mentioned date.

From The Vatican website (yup the least attractive website I’ve seen in a while)

The US Government estimate the population in 2011 to be 829.

The Italian Embassy in Rome, a few feet away, will be well able to conduct the diplomatic affairs of the Irish government with the Vatican state.  Times of austerity or not.

Fine Gael backbenchers (and a few ministers) think otherwise.



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