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All eyes turn to the Greens

October 4th, 2009 · No Comments · Ciaran Cuffe, Equality, Equality Authority, Green Party, Irish Politics, Recession

Next Saturday afternoon the Green Party will debate a revised programme for government which is currently under negotiation with Fianna Fáil. Other than animal welfare/hare coursing (Now backpedalled?) and further changes to NAMA there has been mention that a new framework for Equality monitoring and enforcement being on the agenda.

Another chance for John Gormley to say that the party has saved the day in terms of equality and human rights infrastructure in Ireland. Do you remember the last time he said that the Greens had saved the day? Very little has changed in terms of the cuts experienced by the Equality Authority or the faith and trust of the groups affected by the nine grounds covered under the Equal Status Act.

Before we hear more the deal has to be finalised and of course voted on and passed by two thirds of the party at a special conference to be held in Dublin next weekend. All the Greens (elected and lay members) have been told not to talk about this in public and so all is quiet from the public representatives. Although we did hear yesterday from Senator Dan Boyle and Deputy Ciaran Cuffe regarding the passing of the amendment on the Treaty of Reform of the European Union (I never want to hear the word Lisbon and Treaty again!)

Expect the screw to be turned on the party to do the right thing/in the national interest/insert other worthy statement here. I think it won’t be the deers that will be alone in being stalked in the meantime.

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