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Can I ram raid them now? Pretty Please!!!

July 17th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Disability, eejit..

I know there has been a lot of commentary and citizen activismonline about those signs in the last few weeks.

To recap briefly – Commuters and pedestrians have noted the dangers presented by the signage and many others have commented on the deal that was done, the cityscape that was sold and the execution of the project by the advertising company and their agents.

I realise I’m late to the party but I had noted the arrival of the signs when I came back from holiday and had the phone all geared up to take a pic/video or two when I came across one that would cause me and the mothership a problem or 20. (Rumours that I was planning to ram raid them in Henry St. are greatly exaggerated… well maybe!)

I was wondering how long it would take blind and visually impaired people to speak up – and now they have – cane users in particular face huge problems as their canes will go under the signs as the bases are not solid and they will walk straight into them.

Dublin City Council are again assessing things. At this stage in the whole debacle Cllr Daithi Doolan should be hanging his head in shame as chairperson of the committee responsible as should his colleagues!

All those signs for a few hundred bikes that only able bodied people (including the muppets who nick them) are going to be able to use and oh Cllr. Doolan was spouting some rubbish about controlling the presence of advertising in the city on Liveline last week like some sort of born again urban connoiseur. Tiocfaidh ár Gaudi .

(Hat/tip to my sister 🙂 for the latest ska! She thought I might have an opinion! Cough…)

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