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Cleraun Centre/Opus Dei do blogging

April 22nd, 2007 · 6 Comments · Blogging, Social Media

I see Richard Delevan is hanging out with the lads from Opus Dei tomorrow night. Now you might not know it was Opus Dei that are behind the meeting on the vexed (yawn) question of ‘Blogging and traditional media: do the same standards of professional integrity apply? ’. A little closer examination of the Cleraun Centre’s website gives us the background and here is the blurb on their media forum.

I’m not sure how or who they told about the event in terms of getting bloggers to turn up. Let’s face it this lesbian blogger was not going to find out about it too easily. Maybe Blurred Keys (where I found out about the event) is attending it? Any other bloggers going?

I look forward to the reports of the blogger bashing, oh and the wonderful attempts at transparency and openess of the organisation hosting the event.

The forum is a follow up to a paper presented by Sarah Carey at the centre last year. I can’t find Sarah’s report on her visit there last year but you can read her paper here.

Update: Simon gives his tuppenceworth.



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