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Enda Kenny calls on Church to talk about it and Lisbon

May 20th, 2008 · 9 Comments · Irish Politics

Tonight Enda Kenny called on the Catholic Church to clarify it’s position on the Lisbon Treaty.

This follows months of material being published in ALIVE! which is distributed in churches around the country and the appearance of posters and leaflets in church properties in recent weeks.

The Fine Gael leader was speaking following reports that literature had been distributed in Church’s saying voting for the treaty would result in abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage here.

Enda Kenny says Articles have also appeared in the religious “Alive” periodical calling for donations to campaign for a No vote.

These are the advertisements that Kenny was referring to. I’m happy to see him calling on the Church for clarification. A conversation today with someone in Kildare Street leads me to believe that there is a link between all things Lisbon and the lack of publication of the heads of bill on civil partnership. The posters and the ads are trying to stir homophobia and confusion about Lisbon, like we don’t have enough of both already?

It will be interesting to see if the Bishops respond to Enda’s calls! I think the answer will that they don’t have a position given the recent past and their lack of participation in public debate. But I’m sure they have a lot more to say on the issue that Louis Walsh did on Questions and Answers tonight! (What you mean you missed it!?)

However on a more general point the Church do need to clarify regarding it’s relationship with ALIVE and the contents of the paper and the hosting of it’s offices in Church property. Increasingly the utter rubbish published in this monthly title is (and should be) causing concern to those who are involved in promoting dialogue and participation and respect for religion and diversity in Ireland.



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