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Enda Kenny – He’s Alive!

December 12th, 2010 · 14 Comments · Elections, Irish Politics, Recession

Enda Kenny – remember him? Leader of the opposition from Mayo, longest serving member of the Dáil, survivor of the heave.

He’s been missing a lot this week – of course he’s in the Dáil asking the long strangulated question of the Taoiseach (ok not as long and strangulated as Gilmore’s can be) but generally he’s not been let near a microphone since the last disasterous interview.

But lo he’s on Youtube on his very own FineGaelMedia channel talking to his number one fan (On Tonight with Vincent Browne!) Marie Louise O’Donnell who is a communications lecturer in DCU.

Ah following the Cowen line – when in doubt talk to one of your own. (unless like this week you decide to talk to everyone, were lovely ties, a new suit and shout and Miriam O’Callaghan).

But back to Enda. Note the complex questioning, incisive answers, thrilling analysis. Oops wrong video but ‘And I’ll tell you why’ is still there and he threatens to talk to Marie Louise again. Can. Not. Wait.


The video has been made private on FineGaelMedia.

But in case you have not seen it I made a copy.


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