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Eoin is a lovely man (and other Barcamp gossip)

April 21st, 2007 · 6 Comments · Blogging, irishelection2007, Social Media

That’s what I learnt at Barcamp in Dublin today. Even if Eoin wasn’t a great speaker and expert on the law I’d still say he is a lovely man because if I said he wasn’t and it was a lie then I would be in trouble.

See – I now know a bit more about defamation, contempt, copyright, threats, hate speech, etc. Thanks Eoin for a great presentation on the law and blogging.

Bar Camp was great, I got to meet Karlin who I had not seen in 12 years! (yes I think it really is that long!) Someone has offered to make my blog a bit prettier by the mere installation of a template (oh the shame and even worse Eoghan seems to be good at what he does for a living!) Darren Barefoot of Capulet Communications did a talk on social media for corporates and for a few others who didn’t know their stuff from adam (or eve). There was a plenary panel which turned out to be all about blogging and social media and was full of discussions that I knew something about given my reading of other tech and social media blogs.

I made a pitch for the The Day of the Count – a major event (and reason for a pint) coming to the blogosphere near you… 🙂 If anyone is interested in knowing more or following up on it leave a comment or email me! I’ll be announcing more soon about the date (once a man who used to wear an anorak and now has two grand kids with the hippest (daftest) names around makes his mind up!)

Well done and thanks to the organisers on the event and the participants for doing their barcampy type thing.



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