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Eurosong 2008

February 23rd, 2008 · 5 Comments · Blogging, Eurosong, Queer

I could live blog this… but I have a life… or do I? I have a cold, cough, whatever – I’m Sick. Bored to tears. Switch over from Rugby (well done Ireland) to see a lesbian, not just any lesbian but the one who won the Eurovision last year. Ah yeah whatever happened to her? Well Marija’s been flown over by RTE to Limerick of all places to take part in the panel for Eurosong 2008. God love her…

Alongside her is Louis Walsh who @lexia is sure has been nobbled by the Lord Grecian 2000. Also there is Dana of whom many a drag queen has murdered Alll Kinds of Everything.

First song is also queerly related and then we move onto Dustin. The Euro Duck. Lots of booing and laughing and banter.

How stuck were the judges in getting the songs this year – song 3 from Maya from Slovenia is horrific…Marija has a great sense of humour! Dana welcomes the singer to Ireland – eh what’s that got to do with it?

19.29 NTL Digibox pops up a reminder that Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Show is about to start. Do I stay or do I go now?

19.31 I press cancel and decide I can stick with this for another 30 minutes surely?? This time next week we’ll be at the blog awards…

We’re rattling along here now with song 4 – Leona Daly with great eye shadow looks lie one of those guest bands that you’d see on Tubridy – and we get to see rather too much of the roof of her mouth…hmmmm. And now her legs… Now for the judges – Marija – she thinks the short dress is the only thing to comment about it. Dana didn’t like the heels…’and put an inch on the dress’. Marija was distracted for different reasons Dana and needs a drink to calm down but maybe Dana didn’t get that!.

Feel this love in my heart pines Liam from Ballina in song 5…strangely reminiscent of Michael Lynn for some reason. Dana thinks he is too young, Louis does his usual ‘yer great’…Marija thinks the song is not good but the singer is great – he has a great smile! Ah that’ll get him far then. Further than Serbia hopefully for him.

Another Mayo man now for song 6 – Marc Roberts performing chances – do you really think his mother christened him Marc or is is a stage ‘c’??? He looks like a younger Mel Gibson which for Maman Poulet is not a good thing. He also is off key within seconds…jesus…Song ends abruptly but not soon enough! Oh I want to see what happened in rehearsals now after what Louis and Marija said. Album track says Dana – oh you are too kind….

19.50 THE LINES ARE NOW OPEN – Someone find me a lovely butch lesbian (yeah Marija will more than do!) to fan me down in my excitement… 🙂

Stand by for the hordes voting for the bird…followed by Donal Skehan who was song number 1 – very eurovisiony really. No Louis (e) Ray did not call Marija a man. Oh she’s going to sing…YAY…

Ok Marija needs a tailor…and some backing singers or a band but RTE did all this on the cheap… Cue young wans coming out all over the country by pointing out to their mammies that that is a woman.

Right so I’m off for my dinner and I’ll be back at 9.45 for the results. Can you stand the wait?

Update. – Squid is also liveblogging this live from Limerick (love the developing story banner – very TMZ! Also taking to the blog tonight is Best of Both Worlds.



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