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Going Offline

July 19th, 2007 · No Comments · Blogging, Fact Check, Niall McElwee, Social Media

I’m offline now until Monday – it’s been a very interesting week as a blogger, lots of traffic, lots of comments, and lots of editing, moderating and deleting of comments. Those who’s comments I had to delete or edit were very nice about it! Thank you.

Eoin O’Dell and Simon McGarr’s wise words at Bar Camp and Blogging the Election have sat on my shoulder for the week – it’ll be nice to park them for the weekend but I’m sure I’ve failed somewhere.

Dermod has also had a very interesting and busy blogging week – his review of Barbara Streisand and the debacle in Celbridge has brought him centre stage in the online location for information and moan space for those attending the conference.

Like Dermod most of my traffic, comment and email correspondence this week has been with non bloggers. I find it interesting at the use of the blog for information by staff in every third level institution in Ireland, many mainstream news outlets, and many sections of the HSE, the Department of Justice, Department of Health and others. Little did I think when I arrived back from a break in Amsterdam to a story that seemed a bit strange that I would be spending the next week delving into the murkier bits of Irish academia and watching a debate on social care, regulation and monitoring.

Anyway Glasgow awaits me and the rooster for the weekend, back next week for some twittering or something from the TCD Seanad Count.



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