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Gone Fishing

September 18th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Lisbon, Uncategorized

I’m headed off for a holiday just as the Dáil comes back and the Referendum hots up (ok that last bit is wishful thinking.)

I’ll be back well in time for the final week of the campaign but will miss Pat Kenny’s debut taking to the The Frontline.  (Am sure it’ll be liveblogged!)

In the mean time you may head in these directions for some reading.

Bloggers for Europe is a group blog doing a lot of pro-lisbon blogging.

Alexia Golez may be attending some Lisbonesque events in the next few weeks?

Irish Election Literature Blog – brilliant idea for a blog – where all good (and bad) literature and ephemera goes for our enjoyment

Finally take pity on Cian and the round ups at Irish Election, I won’t be around to pester him with the Lisbon items too good to ignore so send your finds to him –  irishelection@



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    I wish you fish some ‘yes’ votes during your holiday…! 😉

  • Capt Con O'Sullivan

    Hey Maman,

    While you were away the Groin Party announced that they are holding a convention at which the delegates will be asked to vote re NAMA on whether they will continue in govt.

    The day of the convention is also the same day (Saturday 10th October) as the Ireland v Italy football world cup qualifier in Dublin.

    As the vote required will be a two thirds majority required to continue I wonder whether there will be a full turnout of delegates, especially if the vote is planned towards evening time when many of the delegates will be wanting to cycle home to Ballina or thumb a lift or whatever Groins do when they move about.

    Could be something and nothing but what makes me a little suspicious is that I pointed this out on a Groin Party thread on only for a wally to try to fob me off by implying I was getting mixed up with a rugby game on same date in 2011.

    Corrected the wally but I have the creeps about this for some reason … might be worth keeping ear to the ground for that day’s schedule at the convention.