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Has Lenihan got his resignation letter ready?

October 17th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Affordable Housing, Irish Politics

Brian Lenihan gave an interview on George Hook’s programme on Newstalk this evening which indicated that he was not for turning on the medical card issue. Referring to the fact that the medical care provided by GP’s under the GMS cost €64,000 per 100 patients he said that if it was not dealt with now that his successor would have to deal with the matter.

There is speculation tonight not only about the future of the Green’s in the Government (which shouldn’t surprise anyone but one wonders what took them so long!) but that there will be a cabinet resignation over the handling of the matter.

And we’ve had 3 days of people talking about the medical card issue – which is important – but the subprime mortgage scheme contained in the budget – is a bail out for FF’s friends the builders and who the folks at property pin have been all over – is something 16 times more expensive than the medical card issue and corrupt from start to finish.



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