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Wash, rinse, repeat, suds

April 18th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Irish Politics, Recession

I’ve been cranky for the past few weeks, unwell, computer problems and a heavy workload. The bullshit from the media on the property market isn’t making me feel much better.

Friday’s auction of ‘distressed’ properties stank of those queues back in the tiger time that were seen overnight outside estate agents for the purchase of properties yet to be built. The bargains didn’t seem to be much of a discount compared to the non auction action. But the property editors were awakened from their slumber and it seems that NAMA are aiming to get them into a perpetual state of hyperactivity. The Sunday Independent screamed ‘At Last! A Plan to Kick Start Property’. Yes I know you should never believe anything you read in the Sindo but you can see where this is going. The media are chomping for so called ‘good news’ dare I say it green shoots and indeed advertising revenue and few are going to question whether the property marketing spin is the solution to the mess we are in. While thousands can’t pay their mortgages bankers and construction sector beg for money to be made available to loan to people to buy more houses. It’s stupid stuff.

The Irish League of Credit Union’s research last week which looked at the lack of disposable income available to people employed and unemployed should be the headlines that lead the newspapers and the policy agenda. Yet more focus is being placed on cutting the wages of those on low incomes and the JLC agreements. And we get more hype over job creation in shopping which I mentioned before goes unchallenged.

I’ll be cranky a while yet it seems.



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