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International Arrest Warrants and Michael Lynn

March 16th, 2010 · No Comments · dodgy solicitors, Michael Lynn

‚ÄúCan you tell me something, are there, have there been, any steps taken to have Mr Lynn charged? Whether an international arrest warrant has been served?‚Ä?

Out of the mouths of Judges comes a bit of disbelief and oh maybe common sense.  Except that Mr. Justice Brian McGovern was asking the question of a lawyer for a bank!

Off in Cabanas de Tavira in Portugal enjoying the sun and sardines when he’s not flitting about Central and Eastern Europe sits Michael Lynn. Yesterday in court another bank got posession of another set of properties he bought using a mortgage awarded by Anglo Irish Bank.

Some might think that given everything else that has happened with banks and developers¬†in the past three years that Michael Lynn’s story is inconsequential. I would argue that that this line of thinking is bullshit.¬† Lynn didn’t just borrow money and forget to pay it back or become unable to – numerous cases have been through the courts showing that several mortgages were awarded on the same properties without banks being aware. Lynn has been removed from the Law Society as a member¬†–¬†convicted by his peers (eventually).

Why is there no European Arrest Warrant for Lynn? If one could have been drawn up by the PSNI and acted on by the Gardai for Liam Adams in a matter of weeks why is the singing ex solicitor still in the sun?  Surely the Garda Fraud Squad and other units  have enough evidence to get one issued based on the case being built since he went missing in 2007?

Ah sure even to divert attention from NAMA and the like wouldn’t a showtrial help a government in bother? (Deeply cyncial thinking there but you’d think someone would be shouting loudly for a bit of perp walking especially one who didn’t donate to Fianna F√°il or the Vatican…)

(For the bewildered some of the stuff on Lynn over the past few years can be found here.)



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