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Is Big Jim watching – think he would be happy?

May 4th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Disability, Irish Politics, irishelection2007, Uncategorized

I could write hundreds of words on the launch of the Labour Manifesto today – particularly on the section on gay rights (they forgot the lbt in the title but I’ll let it pass for now as the full text of it is inclusive.)

The main thing I thought about tonight reflecting on the history that is one page of a party manifesto on gay issues which is more than civil unions and the M word – Jim Kemmy would be happy with this and with many other sections in the document. It revisits the values of Labour of old, and also is a listening document, there seems to be evidence throughout of garnering the experience of those marginalised and experiencing the ill effects of government policy and inaction.

I mention Jim Kemmy because 11 years ago he chaired the session of Labour Party Conference where this erstwhile delegate got up on the platform to put forward the motion on same sex partnerships and Jim extended the time for debate to let it go through. He was a good sort, didn’t like to see people get shit on and spoke up when unpopular and ill timed but often needed. He might have liked a lot of the spirit of the document today…but he’d let you know if he didn’t!



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  • Sean R

    Thanks for the sales-pitch on Labour. Like you the ‘gay rights’ title jars a bit, and it could have been listed as LGBT. In the ’round, it’s a good list of goals, if brief.

    It should be more radical on marriage as I’m tired of the pussyfooting around. Its good to see a supportive, creative approach to policy initiatives. But it should be more aware of the individualization of society and how HIV calls for new strategies, not simply the continuation of old ones. My pet peeve on this page is that we’re nowhere referred to as families. Poodle, I and the three cats are family. One day we might (scond mortgage permitting) have the patter of tiny (human) feet, but we’re a family right here and right now. Yep, we’ll be voting for Joan, Leo and the green guy (even if he get confused as to where his election posters should go up in Blanch village, bless) …

  • Ianmcg

    I think it’s a listening document simply because the party listened to it’s own LGBT section and not gay rights organisations who concentrate on the marriage/or civil whatever you’re calling it yourself?

    Read FF, PDs, Green manifesto – It’s all marriage blah, civil blah