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It’s Friday

May 18th, 2007 · 5 Comments · Blogging, Uncategorized

  • Ah it’s been busy, and I’ve had no broadband at home for 9 days. It’s not been pretty.
  • Meanwhile Mary Lou McDonald is doing apparitions… I kid you not and might even bring you the photo of the flag flying outside the house around the corner where all it needs is a halo and wings to go with the white suit.
  • Read the Canvasser – I wouldn’t know what one of them is.
  • Last night I saw Labour’s Battle Bus…heading for the mug of Gerry Adams on the SF HQ on Parnell Square.

  • I’m still doing a few round ups every few days on IE – and if it means dangling the laptop out the window to cadge some wireless I’m getting it done. Now later today if you hear of any unfortunate incidents involving a NTL employee in Dublin 1 you’ll know it was me that did it.
  • A car nearly backed into me whilst in the mothership yesterday evening. I thumped the car and he stopped…just.
  • This time next week the tallies will be coming in and we’ll be having fun fun fun….ok well we hope we’ll be having fun fun fun!!


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