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It’s Morning Again in America

November 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments · US Election 2008

I was not won over by Obama at the beginning but after watching the campaign over the last few months I can’t not be moved by the energy and belief of those who are campaigning and voting and by the speeches and genuine nature of the man. Add that to the stories of the people who wait in line for hours and hours (a disgrace in this era – and I’m not talking solely about the lack of voting machines – Oprah had her problems with them!), the reports of African American people in their 80’s and 90’s who are canvassing for Obama.

The manner in which Obama has run his campaign has been truly stunning. Yes there was a lot of money but really this campaign was all about community organising and getting to know people. I think there will be lots of posts on this in weeks to come, and reflections on what people in Ireland and elsewhere could learn.

Arianna Huffington wrote yesterday that the Internet won the election. This time I think finally the internet has covered the election fully and lead the way. One candidate seems to have fully understood Web 2.0 combined with the door knocker and the text message. I expect a lot of flattery and attempted replications in the years to come.

Internet or no internet there will be a lot of problems with the voting today. But I hope it’s a clear victory with no long court cases. I have a feeling the USA needs that at least.

Enjoy the night where ever you are!

A widget from MSNBC for the night that is in it – it will change as the votes come in.

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