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Ivor Callely’s House – more than a mileage issue?

June 6th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Irish Politics

I’m back from the land of serrano ham, great weather and good company (fully paid for by myself) but while I was away I did catch Ivor Callely’s statement to the Seanad as he made it.  It’s on video if you missed it!

I have had a number of people get in touch about the matter making sure I knew about it (I did) and filling in a few details. Some of you remember my previous interest on Ivor’s painting dilemmas.

Many thanks to the feathered friend who has pointed out that the Senator’s Cork residence is not listed in his members interests declaration in 2008 and 2009.  The house is referred to frequently in the press as the Senator’s holiday home and it’s on the market at the moment for about €650,000. See the particulars here.

So if it’s Ivor’s principal residence (or at least it was while he was recovering from the defeat in the last general election or flipping it for the expenses) why did Senator Callely not declare it in his entry into the register of members interests?


The property may well be listed as being registered in Mrs Callely’s name however the Senator refers to it today as ‘our holiday home’

“I had go get out of Clontarf. Fairly soon after the election I went to Cork, to our holiday home, and I stayed there. I was there when Bertie appointed me to the Senate.

“As far as I was concerned, that was where I was living. I didn’t want to come back to Clontarf. I stayed there in Cork for a considerable period of time.

“I may have been up and down for the Senate. I may have spent a night in Clontarf, or somewhere else in Dublin. But, as far as I was concerned, I was based in Cork.

The Sunday Times also refer to ‘his holiday home’.

The matter of joint ownerships of properties is covered by the members interest legislation but spousal ownership is not. It’s a bit convenient?

Update 2

See this review earlier this year of the Callely’s property portfolio.

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  • Joan

    Welcome Back Maman! You were missed but it seems you are back with a bit of a bang! Ivor has to quit now? The full seanad I mean and not just the party?

  • Aaron

    your right it is a bit convenient sounds like he know how to get around the rules

    and this getting the committee o n members interests to investigate him is a load of bull sure the government will win any vote

  • Ann Donnelly

    Once again is it FF arrogance or stupidity, after getting caught out on something in the past, to not ‘clean house’ (literally) — on Callely’s part as well as FF seniors?! Who nominated Callely for the Seanad after the painting fiasco?

  • SeanR

    Oh yeah, i’d be realllllyyyy (= Dr Cox from Scrubs emphasis!) depressed living in that stately pile! They’re just rotten to the core.

    Just think how much money could be saved if all these shenanigans were ended. Calelly has to go.

  • Ian

    Why are quite a lot of the properties mentioned in the Independent article not declared in the register of members interests – very curious

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