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Michael Lowry’s Oxygen giveaway

May 18th, 2010 · 8 Comments · Irish Politics, Social Media

Michael Lowry the Independent TD for Tipp North/South Offaly is running a competition to celebrate the ‘success’ of his new website and facebook page.

This is no ordinary ‘come meet me in the Dáil for a cup of tea and meet a few Ministers’ competition. Ah no Michael has gone for the yoof vote.

He is giving away 20 Oxygen Weekend passes on a Facebook competition – to constituents only mind you! These tickets are worth a minimum of €224 each. 20 tickets therefore would have set the TD back €4480 – if he paid full price for them? And I’m sure he has.

So if you live in his constituency and want to enter you can find out more here.

Now to all the other TD’s developing social media outlets what wonderful items are you going to be giving away to your constituents who friend or like you on Facebook? I’m not recommending this strategy by the way. Bribery anyone? I can think of a lot better uses for €4480 – is this what ‘walking around money’ is now going to be used for?



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  • ManAboutCouch

    Hmmm, Oxygen is ‘Subject to license’ which makes me wonder who awards the license. Mr Lowry is, of course, something of an authority when it comes to awarding licenses..

  • Colm

    Michael Lowry trying to appeal to the young generation i.e. the generation that don’t watch the news. He must have an indication that Justice Moriarity has decided the game is up and is preparing to detatch his teeth from the vein of the bled dry taxpayer. Assuming that the report comes out sometime before the next general election then Lowry will most likely lose the vote of anyone who follows the news (unless they follow the Moriarity free zone that is Newstalk/Today FM).

  • Jim Carroll

    The deputy has form in the rock’n’roll business – he’s the one who brought the Feile festival to Semple Stadium in Thurles back in the early 1990s. Well, the one who claimed the credit for it anyway. I hope MCD’s Denis Desmond gave him a discount for those tix based on their previous working experience…..

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  • SeanR

    When people are struggling with no jobs, coping with bills, managing food budgets, etc., tickets to a concert don’t seem to be ‘in touch with’ anyone really.

  • Holemaster

    This country gets more like ‘The Wire’ every day.

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