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Michael Lynn and the Copa Cobana

December 13th, 2007 · 8 Comments · Michael Lynn

So has anyone checked out the citizenships or passports held by the errant solicitor, Michael Lynn, currently on the run from answering a few questions in the High Court? If I were a Garda (I can hear the laughter from here!) or the Law Society I’d be looking towards Rio! Maman Poulet is told that Michael has citizenship there.

Plenty of time to get ready for Carnival 08 (here’s a recap of Carnival 07) – and well extradition?? That would be a bit difficult me thinks. Any Brazilian readers spot him? Or anyone got anything else??

Update: Thanks to the legal bod who reminded me that Michael Lynn cannot be extradited on a matter of contempt and no criminal charges have yet been laid against him. Yet.

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