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Michael Lynn is nicked in Hungary

August 31st, 2009 · 2 Comments · dodgy solicitors, Michael Lynn

Yesterdays Irish Mail on Sunday and today’s Irish Times report that former solicitor Michael Lynn was arrested earlier this month in Budapest. The Hungarian Police wanted to extradite him but couldn’t as there are (still) no criminal charges against him. The only charges outstanding in Ireland are contempt of court.  Lynn therefore had to be released by the police in Budapest.

The arrest in Hungary was on the impetus of the Hungarian authorities.  So what has Michael been up to in Hungary that has brought him to the attention of the police and why are they so anxious to get rid?  They investigated reports on fraud related issues before in early 2008.  Have there been further reports? (I’ve not read the Mail on Sunday so it could be outlined there but I know I have Lynn interested readers all over Europe who might wish to shed some light!)

I suppose we should also be asking the question about why the Irish Authorities 22 months on have not yet prepared charges against Mr. Lynn. (For all related posts – and there are many – on Michael you may care to wade through this).

PS. Michael I’m in Portugal next month if you fancy a chat? You might be spending more time there these days rather than Budapest?



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