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NDA and disability rights – Where are ya?

May 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment · Blogging, Disability

It’s Blogging against Disablisim day today. I’m awaiting all the manifesto launches before I fully blog about disability and the general election. The National Disability Authority are doinig Bertie Ahern’s campaigning job for him in yet another government funded publicity campaign about another new initiative – what you mean you have not noticed the huge spend pre-election by lots of government departments? It’s been PR and Advertising Agency heaven!

The NDA’s publicity launch is full of promises and far off dates and little preparation for implementation of the services needed to make the assessments and rights for people with disabilities happen. Dan reminded us about the new policy of government dipping into the pockets of those of us with disabilities who live in residential care settings. That won’t be in the plan! Where were the NDA when this decision was taken? Whose rights were they minding then? And let’s start to count the number of times we hear the phrase ’20billion for the disabled’ out of the mouths of government representatives over the next 24 days!

Finally go have a read here for links to lots and lots of blog posts about disablisim/disability etc. It’s something I’ll be doing in order to get a break from the election and the attempts by the state to stop a young woman travelling to the UK to terminate a pregnancy.



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