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Nope not Daddy dearest

August 11th, 2011 · 8 Comments · Irish Politics, Trot for the ARAS 2011

David Norris departs and in steps Gay Byrne.   The Presidential non election campaign gets even worse.  He’s enjoying every minute of the speculation.  The office of the Presidency has been severely damaged by this non campaign so far.  The legacy of the incumbent and her predecessor are also significantly damaged by this rush to celebrity ‘X factor’ candidate selection.  If  I were either of them (and I’m no big fan of Mrs McAleese) I’d be hopping mad.

If Gay Byrne runs and is elected it’ll be back to paddywhackery, bowing to Rome, interfering in things that are outside of the constitutional remit of the presidency and patting disabled kids on the head.  That’s if all the young people boycott the election (those who have not emigrated) or do what their grandparents tell them and vote overwhelmingly with older people for him.   You’d think from the first six months of Ming and Mick and co people would learn that Independents are not necessarily the messiah’s they or their ego’s claim to be.

And no I’m not Gay Byrne’s daughter. (Seems a few have been googling it!)  It’s something I’ve had to clarify on and off for 25 years.  Despite the fact he judged me in a public speaking competition in 1988 and I appeared as a guest on the Late Late in 1994… some people still think I’m ‘that’ Suzy Byrne.   I don’t think I can cope with another seven years of that.


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