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Obama to visit Ireland in May?

January 7th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

The Irish Echo is speculating that President Obama is going to visit Ireland in May en route to or from a meeting in Madrid. Susan Falvella-Garraty does not seem to have any confirmation or firm lead but she has been looking at Obama’s travel plans for the year. And she’s been to a party!

US Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney has done the reccy to the Obama roots in Offaly before Christmas. Before this the ambassador had visited the grave of Obama’s third great grand uncle in Kilkenny.

So with this diary digging and a wink from Michelle Obama at a recent holiday party during her husband’s delight in discussing his Irish Roots, the Irish Echo believes we’re going to get a visit.

The president clearly revels in discussions on the subject of his Irish heritage. First Lady, Michelle Obama, didn’t say anything about the visit during the White House exchange, but did offer a nod of the head and prolonged wink as the President affirmed his intention to visit what is one of his ancestral homelands.

And they say those online speculate and don’t back up their sources or is it really all in the body language?



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  • Laura Daly

    Given that the Irish Echo still thinks Whitey Bulger runs Southie (South Boston) I would not put too much score by what they think.

  • SeanR

    Interesting news. I would have thought that support for him stateside is weakening/ wobbling a bit, so a visit to boost support from the Irish-American community would be good.

    What is really interesting about the news is how Michelle is in charge of some elements of Obama2012/ legacy issues (like other First Ladies), I guess.

    (But if he wants a second term, if Biden were to “retire”, and Hilary becomes VP, he’d have a shoe-in for a second term).