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Parachute for Senator De Burca

September 13th, 2008 · 9 Comments · Green Party, Irish Politics

The parachute is only needed for her journey from Wicklow, Senator Deirdre De Burca was this afternoon selected to run for the Green Party in Dublin the European Elections next year.

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Now you wouldn’t know that she is running in Dublin from the press release I got from the Green Party this afternoon. Apart from the reference to the name of the constituency and the meeting in Liberty Hall there is no reference to the particular needs of Dubliners in the forthcoming election or relating to the European Union and it’s impact on the city/county.

“The EU has shown excellent leadership on issues close to Green Party hearts such as human rights and environmental protection and has shown itself to be an international leader on climate change. The Greens in Europe have been at the centre of this movement. I feel it is important that the Irish Green Party is part of the progressive politics that are happening now at an EU level.

“The aftermath of the Lisbon Treaty has opened a fresh debate on Europe. The Irish people are really thinking about what direction they would like the EU to take them in. I believe voters are looking for an active and effective MEP who is not afraid to tackle important issues, such as neutrality, democracy and energy security. I believe that I would be an effective candidate to represent the Irish people in the European Parliament.”

Looking forward to hearing more about her views in the months ahead! I know she’s from Loughlinstown originally just in case Green Party people feel the need to give me a geography lesson! Roderic O’Gorman and David Geary both Dublin based (politically and habitually) activists are to be alternates should for example Senator De Burca win a Dáil seat – in Wicklow one presumes! Or is it all over for her there after two failed campaigns for the Dáil?

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