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Poetry about Railways and the McElwee Case

July 17th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Niall McElwee

I’m sure someone out there can comment on the significance of this publication? Óisín’s Journey Home – A Keen at the Gates of the Heart by Dr. Niall McElwee & Dr. John Ennis

I’m currently at a loss to explain why a social care lecturer and (his former/then?) head of department would edit a book of poetry about railways? Some people think it explains something ? Trainspotting? I’m not there yet. Tips to the email address in the contacts page or in the comments!



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  • Katydid

    Seems like they had more in common than meets the eye……

  • Philip

    I don’t know anything about Dr. Niall McElwee, but I do know Dr John Ennis slightly, having met him briefly at a few book launches. What is relevant here is that, apart from being an academic, Dr Ennis is a fine, respected and widely published poet.

    I’m at a loss as to what inference Katydid is making here. And why shouldn’t two colleagues edit a book of poetry about railways?

    Am I missing something really obvious?

    Seamus Heaney has described John Ennis as Ireland’s most neglected poet. You can look up his list of books at

  • Niall McElwee

    The answer to this one is quite simple. Why shouldn’t we as we had worked together for some fifteen years and shared interest in creative media?

    My primary degree was in English Literature and Sociology/Political Science and, on arriving in Waterford in 1992, I commenced editing a volume of poetry for Waterford Institute of Technology in the early/mid 1990s in which I included a working section of what later became the Oisin’s Journey Home book published earlier this year (2007). For the record,the volume published in Waterford was called Humanitas and included emerging voices and very established writers.

    Dr Ennis is a poet of international repute and we wanted to work across Schools of Humanities and include design work from our Design students to promote their understanding of the publishing world, profile their work and be collaborative between Institutes.