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Radio’s new non-suffragettes

November 3rd, 2009 · 4 Comments · Feminism, MSM

On the day when private clubs in Ireland won the right to discriminate not only against women but against anyone based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, parental status, family status and membership of the Travelling Community I hear RTE are launching a new radio programme.

Girl Talk starts broadcasting next Saturday.

The Apprentice’ star Jennifer Maguire, ‘Fair City’ actress Clelia Murphy, television presenter Geri Maye and ‘Gerry Ryan Show’ reporter Evelyn O’Rourke have launched a new radio talkshow together today.

The show, which was launched today in Dublin, is due to begin broadcasting on Saturday 7 November on RTÉ’s digital radio station RTÉ Choice.

Every week the show’s presenter Evelyn O’Rourke will be joined by a panel of female guests to discuss everything “from the real truth about labour pain to hiding the sneaky shopping bags from himself.”

Now you may think that I’d be only ecstatic at the thoughts of a programme on a station few can hear presented by some of RTE’s talented females. However it’s very clear from the blurb that this is not going to be positive discrimination and equality central. Doireann Ni Bhrian and Marian Finucane were the pioneers of broadcasting on women’s issues in Ireland in Women Today 30 years ago. (see some interesting photos of that programme on a great blog on Radio Eireann)

We’ve moved on so far (have we?) that we’re now going to be treated to a version of the Sunday Indo on the radio. And not a girl among them btw – girls are young females. But sure Women Talk would be far too political a statement would it – never mind a bit truthful? Maybe Ladies Talking will remind them too much about their actual ages. (I can’t stand the word Lady btw.) Interestingly enough last months feature on women in Irish radio in the RTE Guide (entitled Radio Gals…groan) doesn’t mention the programme or any of the presenters.

Perhaps they are trying to emulate Loose Women from ITV or have been watching the rubbish now all female (think that might stop them inviting me to appear on it again…phew) Midday Programme on TV3.

Novelist Amanda Brunker and journalist Larissa Nolan will also feature in the series.

Presenter Evelyn O’Rourke said: “Presenting the show is like going to a fabulous Hen party with a group of ladies who have strong opinions on anything and everything and aren’t afraid to share them.”

“Laughter, tears, arguments and revelations are all part and parcel of a normal ‘Girl Talk’ show.”

I’m all for new shows and innovative radio – RTE Radio 1’s programming for specialist sectors has been decimated in recent years. However I doubt we’ll be hearing much about women as carers, innovators, immigrant workers, pregnant women losing their jobs due to discrimination, symphysiotomies , older women and the role of women as grandparents in Ireland today. But I’m sure they’ll all be talking about kissing girls and liking it before running off to their boyfriends.



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