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Random Citizenship

June 8th, 2011 · 22 Comments · Irish Politics

We the Citizens is a Atlantic Philanthropies funded initiative which has been holding meetings throughout the country to discuss how those who attend (self selecting and far too many of them use social media) feel about how the country is run.

There has been lots of publicity, numerous political scientists have been analysing the data, the self selection has meant that many attending are middle class, educated and white, there have a lot of tweets from the organisers reporting the ‘ideas’.  (A sometimes shocking ignorance on how the country should be run including neglecting or forgetting existence of the Constitution, that council meetings are held in public and other areas of civics, for which the €635k might have been spent showing people how to demand their rights but I digress)

The final stage in this process is a national assembly of ‘citizens’ to take place at the end of this month over a weekend- pollsters are supposed to be RANDOMLY selecting people to take part.

Arrving in to me at the mobile henhouse this evening – Derwin Brennan is one of the ‘lucky’ 150 to be selected – he is so lucky to have a call from one of his friends who works for the polling company.  Random yup!  Small country or something obviously.


Statement from IPSO/MRBI can be seen here.


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