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Ryan Tubridy’s attempts at Presidential election humour

October 30th, 2008 · 16 Comments · eejit.., Ryan Tubridy, US Election 2008

Did you ever get the feeling that Ryan Tubridy has not got over Hillary Clinton not winning the Democratic Nomination for the US Presidential Election?

On Saturday night’s TV show during a cooking piece with St. Nevin Maguire of all people, Ryan picked up two bags of icing, one white and one brown and laddishly squeezed them going ‘Barack Obama – John McCain wahay….’ Wtf was that all about?

Yes Ryan we know that Obama is black and McCain is white – do you need to make a joke (and a really crass one at that!) about it?

You can watch it all here – (Click on the Saturday 25th October piece featuring Nevin Maguire) the piece starts about 8:10 in if you don’t want to hear all about Nevin’s marriage proposal and his fawning over Mary McAleese.

Add to this a completely pointless piece on Today with Pat Kenny yesterday morning regarding what would happen if a presidential nominee died before the inauguration. I kid you not… RTE seem to be on death threat execution watch.



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