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Sarah Palin’s Trip to Ireland – seeking the itinerary

August 31st, 2008 · 53 Comments · US Election 2008

Update: It’s just been confirmed that I was right. She stopped over to refuel and did not visit. Bloggers do the vetting again…

So the Republican’s Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin has visited Ireland – this is listed as part of her foreign travel experience. She only got a passport last year and visited US troops (Alaskan National Guard) in Kuwait and Germany.

Two words to describe that visit to Ireland I think.


I could of course be wrong and Governor Palin was over to find her roots?? More as I get it.

*For US readers the Shannon Stopover refers to planes landing at Shannon Airport to refuel when on their way to and from parts of Europe/Middle East. Shannon Airport sees many US Military and contractor flights arrive there each month for refueling – passengers get off the plane for a while and then get back on again. Hardly a visit to Ireland?

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