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We’ve watched too much West Wing or Commander in Chief

August 29th, 2008 · 4 Comments · US Election 2008

Haven’t we? Otherwise we’d all be thinking that Sarah Palin was a great choice by John McCain! A great choice for a President Barack Obama morelike !

She doesn’t like polar bears very much, didn’t know what a vice president does (obviously not watching the telly like we do!), she tried to get her brother in law sacked but when she could not she sacked his boss instead, and is under investigation. For the full scoop from an alaskan bloggers point of view have a look at Mudflats.

But best of all she has to go head to head with Biden in a few weeks in a veep debate (that’ll be worth getting the popcorn out for!)

A heartbeat away from pressing that button. She’s no Hillary and she’s definitely no Geena Davies…


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