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Sing along a Taoiseach

January 28th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Irish Politics, Recession

Yesterday Brian Cowen told (shouted at actually) Dáil Eireann that he’ll be leading the country his way. Which of course led me and a few others to be thinking of Frank Sinatra and our dear leader singing a long a Frank.

This led me to watch Leaders Questions this morning in the Dáil waiting for the next song title. Speaking about the new people monitoring Anglo Irish Bank (including the newly knighted by Mr. Cowen SIR Alan Dukes) the phrase ‘I have confidence’ was repeated over and over. This led me to The Sound of Music of which I’m far too well acquainted with.

So now dear readers (in the spirit of a Twenty Major thread on popular culture with and Irish twist which goes on for ages and ages and has me in stitches) I invite you to suggest song titles for Brian to sing-a-long to given the current climate and in the national interest.

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