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March 21st, 2008 · 20 Comments · Blogging

If I want my feed aggregated in an Irish political hub then I’ll sort it – Something Marketing (based in Eastcliff House, Glanmire, Cork) nicks posts of prominent bloggers for their own hubs and makes it look like the posters have contributed as part of their ‘community’. The terms and conditions and privacy policy sections of the site are blank – no surprise there then.

To make it very clear I don’t contribute my posts to this commercial enterprise and don’t receive anything for their inclusion. I’m dammed if someone is going to get google ad clicks and whatever else for my post to line their own pockets and pretend they’re doing it for the good of ‘the cause’. There’s some sort of business directory that they’re charging for and allegedly free space for NGO’s and other groups to publish on their page whenever they publish to their own page and the point being??

For the record the political hub/aggregator I currently participate in is Politics in Ireland. If there are other attempts at community that are not involved in making cash and exploiting bloggers then feel free to contact me for my feed/thoughts/comments. I’m all for sharing the love…consensually!



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