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Stopping the Silence on Abortion in Ireland

April 23rd, 2008 · 2 Comments · Abortion, Irish Politics, Social Media

Released today by the Safe and Legal in Ireland campaign are 3 Youtube videos which make up part of a 11 minute presentation on the issue of abortion in Ireland, where we are at and what needs to happen to solve the problems faced by women seeking terminations.

The first part I’m posting below and the entire set can be viewed (and it’s worth watching them)here.

The Safe and Legal in Ireland campaign blog provides updates on the campaign and interesting information on international reports on abortion rights in Ireland and abroad.

There is energy in this campaign and a healthy crop of new voices also and now they are engaging new technologies – lots of things to teach other social movements here. But for now I’m hoping people will listen to the voices and think about the things being said – it’s far too long since the referendums, the X case and the constant shoving under the carpet and a solution must be found to help women and stop the silence.



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