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Take down the adverts

August 12th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Abortion, Irish Politics

Following up on the post yesterday on the very flawed Campaign on Rogue Pregnancy Counselling Agencies I see the advertising agency involved, Rothco, has joined the fray and blogged about the campaign and its roll out.

Have a look at their post and in particular look at the flash ad at the end of the post to see the puppetry and a prime example of what I consider the abusive and misleading nature of the campaign.

If this ad is going to appear online anywhere and indeed if you see it on Irish websites let me know and let the website owners know that you object to it.

Tell your friends about the campaign and the problems with it.

And feel free to leave comments here about what you think. The Crisis Pregnancy Agency and Rothco spent a lot of time sitting on this blog yesterday (everyone welcome!) – it’s time they stopped what they are about to launch, take down the ads and apologise to women who have experienced the bullying and abuse at the hands of the rogue agency that the Government and the Crisis Pregnancy Agency are failing to regulate.

There are much better ways of promoting ‘the availability of free, non-judgemental State-funded crisis pregnancy services’ and provide information on which agencies to avoid.

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