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The Clothes Thing

February 8th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Personal

Red Mum blogs about needing a sub, juggling parenthood, young wan’s exams and work deadlines (the kind of ones I’m glad not to be involved in this year I think).

A month into my new job I sort of know how she feels, I’m working full time in one job for the first time in …. oh I think that might be ever…., still looking for the perfect des res, commuting into town, managing all my medications, losing phones, remembering friends and that I need to ring them too, setting up a new office and organisation, remembering to eat everyday, and jesus then there is the clothes thing.

When I worked from home and part time outside the matter of what I wore to work did not strike me as being that significant. Of course from time to time I would dress appropriately. But now I have to do it every day. Things have to match, be clean, fit, have all their buttons and generally be presentable. There are dress down days but even then they have to be clean and of the non legging variety. For someone with co-ordination problems, a poor eye for fashion, and trouble telling navy from black – believe me this is an issue. And related to this I’m also losing weight – which makes being neat and tidy even more difficult…. too much detail Maman Poulet move on….

I don’t think this is just a girl thing or is it? But I’m only thankful I don’t do the make up thing on top of the clothes thing. I have someone to help with the shopping for the new threads (such a patient woman!) and more volunteers on standby should I ever want to darken a dressing room again – the subject for another post.
Good luck Red Mum and bless Nanny, good luck to the young wan in the exams and to you in the job in the months ahead!



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