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The Dangers of kite flying

November 21st, 2011 · 2 Comments · Irish Politics, Social Policy

All together now.

I wish I meant to be so humorous. The weeks before a budget divide and scare people and cause huge hatred and myth making in the media and amongst the general public. Some people have nobody to fly kites for them or stop the flight path.

Last week Eamon Gilmore said that he didn’t like the way the last government was involved in ‘sponsoring of a campaign of abuse and vilification’ against public servants.

I hope he would advise the members of his party and their officials not to add to the distress of families, the ‘less well off’ and vulnerable people further in the pre budget spinning, leaking and kite testing that is taking place at the moment. Maybe he could call out his partners in government if he sees them doing it too. Surely the nation deserves better.



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