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The Letters

February 23rd, 2010 · 7 Comments · Green Party, Irish Politics

Leaving aside Sargent’s error in writing the letter.

This is not rocket science. Help me out here.

There are maybe three general groupings that the letters could have come from (and it could have been from one or more of them)

  • Trevor Sargent’s Office
  • The Gardai,  or sources close to the Gardai, DPP’s office or sources acting on behalf of someone with something to gain from a smack in the face to the Greens.  (via Hurt Govt Partner, former member,  civil servant or opposition three times removed to protect the source.)
  • The Constituent – but did he have a copy of both to give even if he wanted to give them??

Cowen doesn’t like innuendo. Roll on the Docklands report, Moriarity Tribunal.  Actually no I don’t think I can last that long.

Kevin Doyle from the Herald says on RTE’s Primetime tonight that  he won’t say either way whatever that bloody means. I don’t mean he should tell us where he got them – just perhaps be better at not telling us.

Again the Greens are so shell shocked to have not had time to think about what is going on. Now I’m are they thinking and wondering what they are in the middle of.  While Fianna Fáilers come out to patronise them to get them to stay in government.

From Dan Boyle tonight (who some might say is getting us ready for the end.)

Do the Green Party have any dignity left?

I don’t fancy the opposition in government much either by the way in case you are wondering.  Feck the lot of them is how I’m thinking at the moment.  I wish someone would just govern.

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