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The Minister’s Car is the least of our problems

November 2nd, 2010 · 11 Comments · Irish Politics, Newsdump, Recession

The amount of rubbish written and spoken about ministerial cars in recent weeks is now culminating in a stupid twitter campaign about tweeting when you see a ministerial merc anywhere.

The country is facing anywhere upto €7bn in cuts in the next 6 weeks, we are capitalising banks in multiple times the cuts to the public sector and expenditure and bailing out developers.  The opposition generally fail to make any impact opposing.  People are losing their homes and jobs, there is no clear economic and job creation policy in the country and some muppets think stalking ministers on government business is going to solve things?

Why is it that people latch on to the crazies and the least little thing and ignore the bigger picture?  Like the fact we have a government that does not know what it is doing, a system which can’t check on what anyone is doing without a tribunal, corruption in many state agencies and incompetence in many more.   Where the minister is going in his car is not going to solve any of that.




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